Animation is a modern technique used to make objects more vibrant and dynamic by introducing the concept of motion to ‘still images’. We can define animation as the movement and the change in shape of the objects processed as images. Into day’s world there a variety of different animation styles practiced currently.If you’re interested in animation, then you need to know about the different types including 2D animation!

Whiteboard Animation

A video that shows a hand drawing elements on a white background, with crisp yet often exaggerated graphics is called white board animation video. The video starts at a very basic step and moves on, adding on steps and further information, making it easy to understand a complex idea broken down into steps.

App Explainer Video

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. Every good mobile app comes with an app promo to highlight the benefits the user will get from the app and to give a sneak peek into the app. Many games and services apps are being advertised with an app promo advertisement over social media.

Explainer Video

Get everyone excited with a stunning explainer video. Combine studio-quality animation, footage, and effects online. Start now, share in minutes.

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