What is ERP? 

With growth of the organization, need for a better resource planning becomes vital. This is where Enter Resource Planning (ERP) software comes in effect. ERP helps integrating different departments and functions across the organization to streamline the processes being carried in the organization. For example, information about sales, CRM, production, inventory, HR, etc. is integrated at one centralized computer, which serves all departments to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

What are the benefits of implementing ERP? 

Implementing ERP in small as well as large businesses offer many benefits and here are a few major reasons:

  • Data integration at a centralized computer that makes information exchange fast and easy
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved governance; for example, you want to check financial reports then you do not need to look for many reports because ERP generates a consolidated report for the ease of understanding and simplicity
  • Better workforce and human resource management
  • Finest manufacturing process and management
  • Reduced inventory
  • Better customer management
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Different types of ERP systems?

Depending on the organization size and its requirements, you can have either an ERP system installed on a computer in your organization. Another option is the web-based ERP system, which give more flexibility to employees to access system through a web browser anytime they want. Even if due to some reason, they could not come to the office, they can manage their work from home through the Web based ERP system. Apart from this, the web-based ERP system is inexpensive and does not require high-end system configurations.

Depending on your company profile, you can either have one of the followings ERP systems or a customized ERP system:
  • Transportation ERP
  • Educational ERP
  • Finance ERP
  • Hospital ERP
  • Logistic ERP
  • Textile ERP
  • Laboratory ERP

How we can help you with ERP system?

We have been providing end-to-end ERP system services to small and large organizations. Our motto is to keep you away from the complexity of ERP system installation and configuration. ERP systems are complex hence, they need professional ERP service because just installation of ERP system cannot help an organization streamlining processes.

Once ERP is installed, it needs to be professionally configured according to the business requirements. As already said, ERP systems are complex, employees who will be using the ERP software need professional training about how to access, use, and troubleshoot issues.

We take all responsibilities to provide you ERP training through our professional ERP trainers who have many years of experience in implementing, configuring, and using ERP systems. Apart from all these, we are inexpensive too.

Are you having any question about ERP services we offer? Please, contact us.

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